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Benefits of using WordPress for your next website

Benefits of using WordPress for your next website

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in the world, in fact WordPress powers 43% of all websites on the internet. Its users range from absolute beginners to professional website developers. There are numerous benefits that account for its rise in popularity as the go to website builder and I will discuss these further in this blog.


A major benefit to using WordPress for your website is that its free to download and use. What’s more there are countless themes plugins that you can add to your WordPress site that also totally free to use. So you can build a fully functional website without having a budget at all. 

WordPress does give you the option to pay for upgrades and these upgrades have better features to use when building your site. An experienced WordPress user though could easily build an excellent website without spending a cent.  


WordPress has easy to use features that allow users to customize their website without too much technical knowledge. Its very possible for beginners to build fully functional websites with just a little bit of practice. It comes with a simple dashboard with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily add posts and pages, customize your websites colors and fonts, add pictures and videos to your website and more. What’s more is you are never alone, WordPress offers a huge community of support and tutorials. With so much support and resources, you can easily learn how to build a website with WordPress and make it look and function the way you want it.


WordPress is built with security in mind to protect your website from hackers bots, viruses and malware. But because cybercriminals are constantly evolving in new ways to attack your online presence, users can take other measures to protect their site even further. Best practices to secure your website include securing login procedures,  install one or more security plugins, enabling SSL, installing a firewall, backing up your website, as well as researching some more advanced security procedures.


WordPress is a highly optimized for search engines. It uses high quality code that is easy for search engines like google to crawl and index. This is why WordPress sites will rank higher on search engines than other website builders. Although WordPress is known for being SEO friendly, sometimes more steps need to be taken to get your site climbing higher on google. Luckily there are some very good SEO plugins that you can add to your WordPress site that with some simple configuration can help to rank your website even higher.  Ranking higher on google will help ensure you get more traffic from users looking for your products or services displayed on your website.


With all the benefits listed above you can see why WordPress is the ideal platform for you to build your next website. Its free and easy to use making it beginner friendly, but also feature packed and robust enough for the most advanced users. Its safety features ensures users are protected, ensuring your customers feel safe interacting with your website can be critical in holding potential customers. Finally being SEO friendly makes  WordPress very beneficial in driving traffic to your website site potential turning leads into profits for your business. 

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